"Discover the PROVEN System that Drives Real Estate Leads on Autopilot While Creating Long Term Recurring Clients in the Process..."

 "This Lead Gen System Keeps Agents On Board for YEARS because these Leads Consistently Turn into Home Sales..."

(plus it's easy to setup up!)

Now is the Best Time to Help Agents Crush their Local Markets while Building Long Term Sustainable Income in the Process...

It's crazy but you can actually target people buying high value homes, that pay big time commissions for agents, for dirt cheap. With our proven system, you can not only capture these leads but help agents turn them into sales while you collect recurring fees. 

Robert and I started out just like ever local marketer, with little resources and some ambition to build a better lives for ourselves. 

Between us we have over 20 years of experience, have serviced hundreds of clients in a wide variety of niches and these days have 10,000+ students benefiting from out online training. 

We've been through the ups and downs while certainly learning a thing or two along the way. 

It was a chance meeting in Las Vegas where we connected years ago and realized we approached things in the same fashion. 

After stumbling early on and making the same mistakes as most do...

not charging what your worth

chasing potential clients

 having to "sell" to prospects

One off sales vs Monthly Recurring

We both figured out the better way to go was clients that would pay us month in and month out...

While making a nice profit along the way in case they didn't stick long term (most do though). 

These days we've built a recession/pandemic proof business because we only focus on...

 Clients that have a long term need for leads

High Value Services that Make for an Easy ROI

Targeting Evergreen In Demand Local Niches 

High Profit Foot-in-the-Door Services (no selling)

With our systems we've developed, it's easy to get RED HOT BUYER leads for real estate agents and close deals with little to no "selling" involved. 

Dear Fellow Marketer, 

Neil Macpherson here on behalf of myself and my business partner Robert Dickson with an important message for all local marketers and agencies during these uncertain times. 

Get Access to Our Exact System for Driving Real Estate Leads and Plug it Directly into Your Own Recurring Income Stream Today...


  • Why Real Estate Agents are the PERFECT Clients!

Check out just a few of the things you'll learn inside...

  • How to Find and Close Agents without Selling
  • The Proven Autopilot Real Estate Lead Gen System 
  • How to target any local audience for pennies on the dollar
  • The "Other half of the battle" lead closing tactics
  • Our "converts like crazy" local landing page strategy 
  • How to use Social Media to Spread a Listing
  • Using RE Agents Previous Client Base w/ Social Media 
  • Publishing "industry leading" content on autopilot
  • Leveraging Automated Emails and Built in Follow Up Systems 
  • Managing Real Estate Needs During Covid-19 for Agents 

The Proven System for Driving Leads and Collecting Recurring Income from Real Estate Agents 

Get Instant Access to Real Estate Marketing Unleashed & Start Landing High Ticket Recurring Clients Today...

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"Get Instant Access to Our Custom Real Estate Video Marketing Software that Produces High Value Videos in Minutes..."

With Real Estate Marketer Pro you can create UNLIMITED Property videos for all of your agents. 

This is a massive value considering you can charge ongoing or per video fees while pocketing all the profit! 

These videos are super easy to create (we designed it that way on purpose) while producing high quality property displays. 

Just follow a few simple steps and you've got a professional video agents love. 

Add to a monthly package, use as a foot in the door or value in advance...either way you can create unlimited videos with no ongoing costs! 

In addition the video training we're also going to be holding two live trainings sessions for all launch customers! We'll do live Q & A while breaking down advanced strategies for more recurring income. 

All of our training is hosted in a private and secure members area with 24/7 access. You can follow the entire system step-by-step in just a couple hours or you skip ahead to any video you like to get those golden nuggets right away with our Easy to Browse video training library.

Not only do you get all the training on how to market real estate agents and drive them leads, you also get our video creation software! Produce UNLIMITED Videos for Agents and Charge ongoing fees with no additional costs from us!

In addition to giving you all the training, tools and support you need to make this work we are also giving you access to our Mastermind Group. Get feedback, listen to others success stories or connect with others in the group!

Everything that's Included When You Buy Today...

Exclusive Bonus Training

Step By Step Video Training Series

RE Marketer Pro Software

Ongoing Support & Mastermind Group

See What People Are Saying About Our Training Products...

We've included everything you need to tap tap in to the high value real estate niche to build long term, sustainable recurring income for yourself!

Our Real Estate Marketer pro software is worth 10x the price of this offer during the launch special. 

If you are looking for a proven niche and a bulletproof system  for driving them real results so you can collect long term recurring income, jump on this right away. 

Get Instant Access to Real Estate Marketing Unleashed PLUS Our RE Marketer Pro Software (unlimited videos) & Start Landing High Ticket Recurring Clients Today...

Limited Time Only.

We've also Included Several  Killer Bonuses  to Give you a Massive Advantage...

"Drive Leads for ANY Business" 

The system we use to drive for real estate agents is unique to their industry but still fits the overall formula we use for similar niches. 

During this never seen before live training, we are going to reveal how you can actually use our core formula to drive leads for ANY local business. 

That's right, ANY business you want to work with, this system will give you the power to send them new business while collecting even more recurring income. 

This course was taught over three weeks of live training that attendees paid $197 for...you get it for FREE! 

Each week is about 2 hours long, covers in depth aspects of running an agency and is built around real world case studies. 

You get the replays, slides and action plans!

Digital Client Masterclass 

Digital Client Crash Course

In this quick start course you'll learn some of our best strategies for landing clients in ways that gets them coming to you, ready to buy. We cover two of our best lead gen strategies that you can use to get clients calling/emailing you without ever leaving your computer!

For those of you who don't mind getting out there and talking to people, we also share some of our best networking strategies in this exclusive bonus training.

And for the Icing on the Cake We've Got Two Additional Bonuses to Help  You Hit the Ground Running...

Offline Marketing Lab

OLM gives you a complete blueprint to landing clients for any service you offer. 

The training breaks down several methods you can use to land clients, build your network and get clients coming to YOU looking to buy. 

This course isn't available anywhere else, you get exclusive access! 

Rep Management Strategies LIVE

Right now online reviews, ratings and rankings are more critical than ever! 

With so many users flocking online to do business having a good reputation is KEY!

During this live training we're going to take a deep dive into how you can improve the reputation/reviews/ratings for ANY local business!

We've included everything you need to tap tap in to the high value real estate niche to build long term, sustainable recurring income for yourself!

Our Real Estate Marketer pro software is worth 10x the price of this offer during the launch special. 

If you are looking for a proven niche and a bulletproof system  for driving them real results so you can collect long term recurring income, jump on this right away. 

Get Instant Access to Real Estate Marketing Unleashed PLUS Our RE Marketer Pro Software (unlimited videos) & Start Landing High Ticket Recurring Clients Today...

Take Advantage of the Massive Real Estate Boom with Our System for Driving Leads & Building Lasting Recurring Income!

You know that building recurring income is critical to the success of your digital agency and should be your #1 goal going forward.

Real Estate agents are the perfect client for building recurring income, having a high value per customer and making it easy to get them a great return on their investment.

Not only that but right now the real estate industry is booming, competition is massive and hungry agents need your help!

Once you know how to drive real estate lead that convert to sales it's easy to close deals and keep agents paying high ticket recurring for years!

Why focus on  niches that can't pay you what your worth when you could be dominating the real estate niche and collecting steady recurring income on autopilot?

Right now you have the chance to steal our system for a fraction of what we should be selling it for, then copy and paste it directly into your business.

Plus with our video creation software you can create unlimited videos for agents and keep all the profit! 

Now is your chance to get out of the client chasing, "always be selling" rat race and join the automated recurring income train.

Jump on board, we know you'll never look back!

Get Instant Access to Real Estate Marketing Unleashed with Our RE Marketer Pro Software & Start Landing High Ticket Recurring Clients Today...

See You on the Inside!

You can get these  Red HOT Real Estate leads for pennies on the dollar with this system!

  • Utilizing Property Videos as Value in Advance 
  • The perfect Monthly Marketing Package for Agents 
  • ...and much, much more including exclusive live training!

Deal Closing Proposal Templates

One of the questions we get all the time is "what should I charge?" and right behind that is what exactly should be in the package? 

To save you the time of figuring all that out, we created a real estate marketing proposal template that lays out the ideal package for you. 

This format has proven to close deals without selling, just plug and play in minutes!

Neil Macpherson

Robert Dickson

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Watch the Video Below to Learn More...

Limited Time Only.

Watch the Demo Video Below to See  Real Estate Marketer Pro in Action...

As you can see this software is super easy to use, creates nice looking videos in minutes and requires almost no technical skills at all. If you can fill out a form, you can create videos. 

The best part is we're including Real Estate Marketer Pro as  BONUS during this exclusive launch!

Since we figured out this system we've had agents paying us implement it for them for YEARS and it's killing it more than ever in 2021.

What's awesome is over time it's only improved with the amazing targeting technology that major platforms offer these days.

Can you imagine what having the power to drive high quality leads would do for real estate agents would do for your life and business?

Don't you think landing real estate clients for recurring monthly fees would be EASY if you had a system that could drive them leads consistently?

We know it's completely possible because we've done it and since there is no way we could ever scratch the surface of the real estate agent pie...we've decided to make it easy for you.

Well now you copy-and-paste this cutting edge system into your business with our brand new training course that reveals the entire step-by-step blueprint.

...plus create UNLIMITED Property Videos for Agents at no extra cost!

When you can drive leads that actually turn into new business, local marketing is a different game. 

The reason real estate agents stay on with us for years (still going strong in 2021) is because this system produces solid leads that convert. 

Not only do we help them generate high quality leads but we also help them convert those leads into sales/commissions. 

The best part is it's largely automated after the initial setup so it's easy to maintain.

Create UNLIMITED Real Estate Property Videos in Three Simple Steps...

Most importantly, you can create unlimited videos for your agents listings and it really takes just minutes. 

Simply add some images, pull the listing info already in the software, add our existing audio and boom...you're done! 

These videos are so easy to create you'll be amazed...and agents will pay $100's for them! 

We recommend using a monthly package because they are going to need ongoing creation usually, but with RE Marketer PRo...it's drop dead easy to create stunning videos with ZERO tech skills! 

There is nothing that will get your clients attention faster than clear as day leads coming into their business, sent by your agency. 

The strategy we use allows us to send our clients new leads consistently and keep them coming month after month, day in and day out. 

Because we can track these calls so closely, the proof that they are getting what they are paying for couldn't be more clear. Imagine how stoked your clients would be to see those type of consistent lead notifications coming in from your services!

With everything that happened over the last year you might think the housing market has crumbled but in fact, it's set to grow more than it has in almost 40 years! 

That makes a ton of competition amongst agents for those leads that are looking to buy, and with our system, you can be the one to give them that advantage. 

A single commission can be worth thousand of dollars for an agent, so helping them sell a handful of extra homes (we'll show you how to do more than that) is all it takes for them to get a great return with you. 

With our system, you can become the go to real estate marketer in your area right as things are exploding...

Step #1 - Add Your New Real Estate Client  

Once you land a new real estate agent client, all you have to do is create their "profile" in the software. 

Simply fill out a form, add their basic info and images that you'll use for everything you do for them. 

From there, you can add as many "listings" or homes they have for sale to create property videos. 

Step #2 - Add Unlimited Real Estate Listings 

Any time your agent has a new house for sale, you create them a new listing in the software. 

What's cool, is the software will actually crawl any existing website and pull things like images, text, address, etc for you! 

Of course, you can easily add that stuff in second manually and then create stunning videos for every listing! 

This software is worth 10x the price of this training on it's own but because we want to see you be successful with this system, we're including the COMMERCIAL LICENSE FOR FREE! 

  • Maage Unlimited Agents 
  • Add/Manage Unlimited Properties
  • No Tech Skills Needed 
  • Produce Stunning Videos in Minutes  
  • Variety of RE Video Templates 
  • Commercial License, One Time Fee!

"Real Estate is the PERFECT Niche with a High Value Per Sale and High Competition for Good Leads...plus it's BOOMING Right now!"

Real Estate Agents Make Great Clients but they are Also Easy to Find and Close without Selling Using Our Value in Advance Strategies!

This powerful method produces a steady flow of leads AND works to convert them on autopilot...

Look at what Zillow Research expects for 2021...

Home sales are on the rise more than ever, making this the PERFECT Time to start helping agents capitalize  while building LONG TERM recurring income for yourself. 

Why Real Estate Agents?

  • Easy to Access by Nature 
  • High Value Per Customer (easy ROI)
  • Steady Demand for Good Leads
  • Easy to Automate the Marketing
  • Great Ongoing Referral Source 

One of the key reasons we love working with real estate agents is their high value per customer which makes it easy to get the a great ROI on their investment monthly. 

Beyond that however there are several reason why they make such good clients and are easier to find than most business owners. 

Not only are they purposely and actively looking for more business themselves, but they always need more leads! 

While networking has taken a turn this last year or so, it's VERY common to find several agents at almost any meetup you go to...they are looking for more leads! 

Once you show them what you can do with this system, it's game on. We've had agents paying us for years because of the leads we send them and the overall exposure they get from simple services. 

What's great, is you can largely automate all of the things these agents need ongoing with very little work on your part!

Autopilot Lead Gen System

Works for Buying AND Selling Homes

Land Long Term Recurring Clients

Software Creates UNLIMITED Videos

Step #3 - Create Unlimited Real Estate Property Videos for all your agents! 

(no ongoing or hidden fees, included with your purchase today)

Limited Time Only.

Limited Time Only.